iPhoneography Oz Is Dead, Long Live iOz

39,014 km, 340 days, nearly 4,800 photos captured with an iPhone including more than 800 photos edited via instagram. These are the standout figures of the iPhoneography Oz road trip around Australia which ended today in a Brisbane Airport parking space (photo)... where it all began on January 1st. From Brisbane to Cairns via Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, we traveled across the continent visiting Australia's landmarks and going off the beaten tracks too. We obviously have a lot of memories associated with this trip. We will need a little time to digest all these encounters, these discoveries, these idyllic and breathtaking landscapes. And all of the trials and tribulations that went with it too. In the end, like after any experience, we have grown, we are more open-minded and especially keen to continue our travels and visit more countries. Australia is a unique country and we hope that everyone gets the chance to visit Australia the way we did it for almost 12 months. We will not bore you with an endless thank you speech but we still want to express gratitude to all those who participated directly or indirectly to the realization of this great adventure: our partners who believed in the project and allowed us to have extraordinary experiences, and all of you who have been reading the blog and following us on social media. Note that you were doing all of this reading and following from 112 different countries!

Apart from fixed pages (About, Media, Contest, etc..), the most popular articles of iPhoneography Oz English version were:
In one year, iPhoneography Oz has created a community of nearly 4,000 fans interested in travel, photography and obviously Australia. It would be a huge shame to end it on that note, so we are determined to continue this adventure... powered by you from now on! Here's how:

1/ iOz on Facebook & #iOz on twitter: we plan to organize virtual recurring events to have conversations about travel, Australia and mobile photography. Travel to Australia? Immigrate, live and work in Australia? Study in Australia? Tips for customized holidays in Australia? Facts about Australia? Photography techniques? Together, we will answer all these questions and many more. Do not forget to use #iOz to tag your Australia-related tweets to get the attention of other #iOz community's followers. Share stories. Ask questions. Ask for travel related help. Join the fun, be social and let's tweet about our passion for Australia!

2/ #iOz on instagram: Are you in Australia? Do you have an iPhone? Then submit your own iPhone photographs through your instagram account using the hashtag #iOz. Every day, from all the submited photos, we will pick a winner and repost the "iOz of the day" on the different iOz accounts on social media. Its author will be invited to write an article or be interviewed on the iOz blog.

3/ Guest-Blogging: Do you have a blog? Do you have your visa for Australia, are you on a flight to Australia or are you already in Australia? Would you write a post on the iOz blog? If so, contact us soon!

4/ Promotion and Advertising: Would you like to promote your products and services through iOz? Whether it is for writing sponsored articles, running contests, press trips, ads banners or something else, please contact us immediately. We are particularly interested in tourism businesses (tourist activities, travel agencies, accommodation, restaurants) and event organizers based in Australia.

5/ Suggestions: since everything moves and everything changes all the time, we are always open to new opportunities. Know that we are always delighted to read your ideas and suggestions in order to improve your iOz experience. This community is yours too! Send us your comments at any time via this form.

Thank you for being there!

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed following your travels through this page and truly appreciated the well written commentary that went with some very nicely accomplished photos.
    It was great to be able to be a very small part of your journey and when you get the urge to circumnavigate the continent again you know where to find us.

  2. @Andrew and Debra thanks for your comments. You really were part of our journey (there's no "small part")! We're glad we met you. Many thanks for the beautiful photos :)

  3. @Natasha hopefully you are going to travel to Australia pretty soon (and hopefully you'll find a few tips on iOz). When you're there, be our guest on the blog :)

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