Climbing Mount Wellington

Every week, iPhoneography Oz invites one of its Instagram followers to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, meet @tasland perched high above Hobart.

iPhoneography Oz: Who are you in less than 140 characters?
tasland: My name's Anita & I commandeer the Tasmanian Land Conservancy Instagram page. We raise money to purchase and protect irreplaceable parts of Tassie and our "instafeed" shows some of these places amongst other things.

iOz: You were scampering around Wellington Park in Tasmania (photo). What are the pros and cons of such a hike?
t: As a newly arrived immigrant to Tasmania from Melbourne, I was told that there are some key gauntlets to take on that reduce the 30 year waitlist before I'm allowed to call myself a Tasmanian. Visiting Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) not only takes 2 years off the waitlist, but it also stops you from being kicked out of Hobart. If you are living in Hobart, as I am, you're expected to climb "the Mountain" annually as a rite of passage. Not having to leave Hobart is obviously a major pro to visiting Mount Wellington, but the view of the city and surrounds is stunning, the array of rock formations and plants makes for some really interesting Instagram shots/macros and hey, if Charles Darwin did it so should you. There really are no cons, just get yourself up there, the #MtWellington hashtag is a great motivator.

iOz: What are the best things to do in the Hobart area?
t: Go to one of several hiking shops and buy a puffer jacket. Wear it with short shorts to look truly local. See Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington and marvel at the serenity. Visit the Tassie devils at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Join the @instatassie Instagram group and go on an Instagram PhotoWalk anywhere in Hobart with them. Buy the best sushi ever from Masaaki at the Sunday Farm Gate Market. Visit MONA (.5 years off Becoming A Local Waitlist). Drive to Taroona and buy a coffee and a pie from The Picnic Basket just off Channel Hwy and feel like a true Aussie. Visit us at the Tasmanian Land Conservancy in Sandy Bay because we're really, really, ridiculously nice.

iOz: If you were stuck in Australia with an unlimited budget and a week in front of you, what would you do?
t: Worm my way in on a Nature Photographers Tasmania trip to somewhere like Lake Rhona or any other remote parts of Tassie they visit and capture so beautifully. If you want to really experience Tasmania I think you have to be prepared to rough it and get your hands dirty.

iOz: What was one of the best travel experiences you've ever had in Australia?
t: I moved to Tassie because of the consistent, amazing experiences I had whenever I visited. When I first moved here I got to hike in a remote area near Bronte Park on our reserve called Skullbone Plains and was blown away. Getting to visit places and seeing things you've never seen before is pretty special. Plus I got to see a baby echidna, something I've come to realise isn't really that rare here in Tasmania, but it was for me at the time.

iOz: What's your favourite photo on the blog?
t: I have a soft spot for street art in Melbourne, so was happy to see A Walk Through Melbourne's Laneways in your feed.

iOz: What kind of photos can our readers see on @tasland's Instagram feed?
t: There's very much a bias for nature shots on our feed, most of which have been taken at our permanent reserve properties. There are also some "around the office" shots that get slipped in, like the screen grab I took from a video clip our conservation scientist sent through. It showed a spotted quoll helping itself to some leftover pesto on a recent camping trip… I just thought it was amazing and thought the Instagram community would too.

iOz: Vegemite or Nutella?
t: It's evil to make people choose.

iOz: We're switching roles, ask us anything!
t: How do you know Misspixels? She's one of my all-time favourite iStock illustrators from way back… right up there with Simon Oxley… and that's saying something! :)
iOz: Never met Misspixels before but she's from Montreal, Canada where @iclo used to live before. We interact with her from time to time on twitter!

iOz: A last word?
t: Sharing the beautiful natural values of Tasmania via Instagram through the eyes of the Tasmanian Land Conservancy has been really rewarding and a lot of fun.

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