Market Shopping Experience In Sydney's Chinatown

Every week, iPhoneography Oz invites one of its Instagram followers to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, meet @miss_and shopping in the exciting Sydney's Chinatown. She posted this photo of Paddy's Markets, Sydney's biggest markets.

iPhoneography Oz: Who are you in less than 140 characters?
miss_and: Just a person who's interested in the world: people, places, stories. I work in radio broadcasting, make ceramics, take photos.

iOz: Your photo shows a part of the famous Paddy's Markets in Sydney. What can one find there?
m: You can find almost anything at Paddy's Markets. I like the food best, there's a lot of fresh fruit & vegies, spices, sweets, nuts, tea, more. Then there's the rest: clothes, bags, linen, CDs, mobile phone covers, jewellery, shoes... you get the idea. Today the markets have a distinctly Asian flavour as they're right next to Chinatown. They date back to the 1830s, and the name probably has an Irish connection.

iOz: What's your favourite part of Sydney's Chinatown?
m: The food! There's a wide range of Chinese cuisines, but these days many other wildly different Asian flavours too - Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian. You can spend up big or keep it cheap 'n' cheerful. For a moment's peace in the madness, visit Kimber Lane where the street art lifts you literally into the clouds.

iOz: If you were stuck in Australia with an unlimited budget and a week in front of you, what would you do?
m: A day and a bit at each at the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, and Uluru in the Northern Territory - to get a feel for all there is in Australia. Or maybe I'd just spend the week on the Ningaloo Coast in Western Australia swimming with the whale sharks...

iOz: What was one of the best travel experiences you've ever had in Australia?
m: Driving around Tasmania with a friend. Staggering natural beauty, lots of seafood and cheese, terrific wine in the Tamar Valley.

iOz: What's your favourite photo on the blog?
m: I love Kristina's pic and post about Melbourne's lane ways. If you opted not to spend a week swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo, explore Melbourne's streets - they're full of street art, great restaurants and bars, and other surprises.

iOz: What kind of photos can our readers see on @miss_and's Instagram feed?
m: Whatever catches my eye: street art, buildings, alleyways, sky, clouds. Bright colours. Lots of pictures from Canberra, our beautiful national capital and my current home.

iOz: Vegemite or Nutella?
m: Sorry to be unAustralian... but Nutella every time! Must be my European mum's influence.

iOz: We're switching roles, ask us anything!
m: Beer or wine?
iOz: Wine without hesitation. Especially since we visited a few amazing places in Margaret River, The Barossa, McLaren Vale, Coonawarra and many more along our travels. By the way if you have some Bundaberg Rum Royal Liqueur served with cream, we'll have some thanks!

iOz: A last word?
m: Gorgonzola. What a great word.

Photo captured by @miss_and. To be featured, follow @iPhoneographyOz and tag your own iPhone photos with #iOz. Any image taken in Australia and tagged with #iOz is eligible.

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