Sydney In Winter: Hanging Out In Chinatown

It is always pleasant to walk in the streets of Sydney on a mild winter day. As in many cities around the world, the capital of New South Wales also has its Chinatown, located a fifteen minute walk from Circular Quay. Nothing better than to walk through this colourful and lively area with exotic scents in search of a menu to satisfy our appetites. Because there it is all about Yum Cha and street barbecues. Chinatown is a pedestrian zone full of shops and restaurants. Moreover, competition seems so high that you should not be surprised if the waiters pluck you out of the street and do their very best to entice you inside! A few steps away, be sure to walk through Paddy's Markets, the largest market in the city.

The writers were guests of Destination NSW.

Sydney In Winter: Visit Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is the largest animal park in Sydney. It is a city icon recognized internationally, as well as Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. It hosts, on an area of ​​21 hectares, over 2600 animals including a variety of native species. The zoo is located on a hill along the north shore of Sydney Harbour. This offers visitors a different yet amazing view of the city centre. Visiting the park in winter has the advantage of not being amidst a swarm of tourists, while enjoying the mild temperatures. Speaking about climate, you must know that Sydney has an average 300 days of sunshine a year and a mild winter. The best way to go to Taronga Zoo is embarking on a ferry from Circular Quay. The crossing of the bay offers magnificent views and takes only ten minutes.

The writers were guests of Destination NSW.

Sydney In Winter: Vivid Sydney

We had the pleasure of experiencing Vivid Sydney, the annual Festival of Light, Music and Ideas. It is the biggest festival of its kind in the southern hemisphere attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. After sunset the city takes on a spectacular transformation through colour, light projections, interactive installations, music and innovative ideas. See how loud you can scream at the Screaming Rapture installation or play a game of tic tac toe on the biggest digital board you have ever seen! And of course one of our favourites is watching the incredible precision of the creative 3D digital light projections onto the Sydney Opera House itself, see it like you have never seen it before! It is a hive of activity, creativity and entertainment, the whole of Circular Quay is absolutely buzzing with excitement. There is so much to see and do at Vivid Sydney that attending this festival is among many of the reasons to visit Sydney in winter.

The writers were guests of Destination NSW.

Sydney In Winter

iPhoneography Oz has already visited Sydney since the project began. We are back for a few days as guests of Destination NSW. Many cities around the world envy the capital of New South Wales for its beautiful beaches and mild climate. But in winter, when temperatures drop, Sydney shines. There are many indoor and outdoor activities, day and night. The city is bubbling with a vibrant energy that we will share with you in the coming days. For more information on what to do in Sydney in winter, go to

Picnic At Hanging Rock

We visited a rather unusual place today: Hanging Rock. This rock formation, created over six million years ago, is located in Victoria, 70 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. This is certainly not as majestic as the Blue Mountains, but with 718 metres above sea level and 105 metres above plain level, the view from the top is still interesting. Without being too technical (after all we are experts in discovering must do places in Australia, not in geology), the rocks were formed from magma. Climbing to the top takes only twenty minutes. It is only once at the summit that you can truly appreciate Hanging Rock and its pinnacles shaped by the elements over time. The site is well known by Australians. This is where a group of schoolgirls mysteriously disappeared in the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, directed in 1975 by Peter Weir (Dead Poets Society). Sofia Coppola was also inspired by the atmosphere of this film for The Virgin Suicides.

Visit The Wilsons Promontory National Park

Back on the mainland after traveling to Tasmania, we have visited a natural wonder. The Wilsons Promontory National Park is located three hours drive south east of Melbourne. This vast peninsula is the southernmost part of Australia. The "Prom", as locals call it (not to be confused with La Prom' in Nice), is one of Victoria's most-loved places. Granite cliffs, forests and white sandy beaches: the scenery is magnificent. Hiking is the main activity of the park. Tidal River is the only camping ground in the park. It is also where you can find a grocery store and a take-away restaurant. It does not matter if you spend just a day or a few of them, pay close attention to the wildlife as the Prom is home to many native animals. During our visit, we met several wombats, a first since the beginning of iPhoneography Oz project!

MONA: A Unique Museum

A few days ago we gave you some ideas on what to do in Hobart. It was missing a must do: MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). And when we talk about a must do, we mean not to be missed at all. As far as museums go this is definitely our best and most intriguing experience. Really. If you are not a fan of museums a visit to MONA could quite easily convert you. David Walsh, the owner, is a genius who made his fortune in gambling. He is an art collector whose pieces suggest an eccentric character. He designed his museum in such an innovative way with the intention of challenging the visitor's idea of a conventional museum. That is why he has installed... a tennis court at the entrance. Once inside... we do not want to say any more, you will form your own opinion! After all, David wants everyone to experience the place through their own eyes. Caution, some of the more controversial exhibits may offend. Bars, library, cafe, brewery, winery, restaurant and pavillions (hotel) are some of the services that are available on site.

Travel To The Edge Of The World

Tasmania is an island with many faces. The east coast is a succession of beautiful beaches (Bay of Fires, Coles Bay, Swansea), south and center of the island are much more green and wet. As for the west coast, the landscape is marked by the harshness of the weather. Lots of wind, rain, but still a breathtaking spectacle. This is especially true at a place called The Edge of the World, an hour west of Smithton. Tasmania is the first piece of land encountered by sea and air currents coming all the way from ... South America! This is the longest uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe.

Where To Stay In Smithton?

The castle life, something similar to staying in a former post office in Smithton in the North West Coast of Tasmania. We spent a night at the Bed & Breakfast AAA Ye Olde Post Office Cottage. The good life: large room, very comfortable bed, private lounge and spa in the bathroom. You even have access to the kitchen. The breakfast, highlighting local products, is certainly the most extensive that we have tried since the beginning of this project. The hosts, David and Natalia, are at your service. This is true to say. David is also an excellent source of information for activities to do in the area. We will talk about it here tomorrow.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of AAA Ye Olde Post Office Cottage.

A Bungalow In Strahan

Strahan is an essential stop on the west coast of Tasmania. The former fishing village has become the starting point for many outdoor activities including cruises, bushwalks or seaplane rides. The locality is now considered as the capital of Tasmania for adventures. For this reason it is recommended to stay there a few nights. iPhoneography Oz has tested Strahan Bungalows for you, located two minutes away from the city centre. The bungalows are fully equipped with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a lounge/dining room of suitable size. The interior is modern and spotlessly clean. We are not surprised to learn that the facility has won the 2009 Tasmanian Tourism "People's Choice" Award. Best of all, Sheree and Grant, the owners, have confirmed to us that the bungalows will soon be equipped with a Wi-Fi network.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Strahan Bungalows.

Heimat Chalets: To Feel At Home

Heimat Chalets is a holiday accomodation located less than an hour away from Hobart, on the road to Strahan on the west coast of Tasmania. It is a feel good retreat in the middle of a 40 hectare property. The view over the picturesque Derwent Valley is spectacular. The chalets are well decorated, modern style and fully equipped. The comfort of luxury at affordable prices! After having your breakfast, do not forget to feed the animals of the property including some really cute alpacas. We only stayed one night. We would have loved to stay longer!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Heimat Chalets.

Staying In A Georgian Mansion In Hobart

The Lodge on Elizabeth is an accomodation in Hobart where we stayed. This building is steeped in history since it is one of the oldest houses in the city, or even in Australia. The Georgian mansion was built in 1829 and is now listed by the National Trust of Australia and the Register of the National Estate. It has become part Australia's heritage protected in perpetuity. Before being what it is today, the huge house was first used as a private school for boys and later became the residence of notables including that of a Premier of Tasmania. Staying at The Lodge on Elizabeth is a real return to the nineteenth century as the classic decoration of the rooms and common rooms will remind you. We especially appreciated the lounge room, the comfort of the place in general and the friendly hospitality of our hosts. For your convenience all rates include a continental buffet breakfast. For other meals, please note that the hotel is near the restaurant hub of Hobart.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of The Lodge on Elizabeth.

Tahune AirWalk: Walk Among The Giants

Forestry Tasmania is the government agency that manages public forests in Tasmania. Part of its activities, grouped under the label Adventure Forests, is dedicated to tourism. We experienced one of them: Tahune AirWalk. This attraction is located along the Huon River, 70 kilometres south of Hobart. The 600 metres airwalk structure allows you to walk through the middle of an eucalyptus forest... at nearly 40 metres above the forest floor! Do not be afraid of heights, it is really remarkable! From there, the views of the area are beautiful. After this experience, with your feet firmly back on the ground, a hiking trail along the river will lead you to discover two swinging bridges which are equally as impressive (photo). On the road, ten miles before reaching Tahune AirWalk, do not miss the stop at the Big Tree Lookout. You can approach one of the tallest and biggest trees in the world. Absolutely colossal!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Forestry Tasmania.

What To Do In Hobart?

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and, with over 200,000 inhabitants, its largest city. It is also the second oldest city in Australia after Sydney. The summit of Mount Wellington, which rises at 1,271 metres above sea level is certainly the best view of the city. Hobart is also internationally famous for being home to the finish line of the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. But the state capital is also steeped in history. It is one of the cities in Australia with the largest number of superbly preserved old buildings (Georgian architecture). Salamanca Place, which hosts the famous Salamanca Market every saturday, is not to be missed. Hobart's historic center is easily walkable. We joined Hobart Historic Tours for a guided walk. The tour, extremely informative, lasts an hour and a half. Pam, our guide, passed on her passion for history to us, which makes the experience very rewarding. A great way to discover Hobart! The organization offers various walks according to your particular interests.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Hobart Historic Tours.

The Devil Does Not Wear Prada

The Tasmanian devil is the emblem of - guess what - Tasmania and one of its exclusive animals. Taz, found in the Looney Tunes cartoons, is probably the most famous Tasmanian devil in the world. We were fortunate enough to come across one in nature (a real one, not Taz!). It was somewhere between Launceston and Scottsdale. It looked like a big cat. This is quite a rare privilege to be able to approach one. If you are too impatient, the safest way to see a Tasmanian devil is to visit the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park, located on the Tasman Peninsula 75 kilometres north of Hobart. The park contains a dozen devils. Check the schedule to be sure to attend the Tasmanian devil feeding. Enjoy the loud and disturbing roar and see the aggressive side of the little marsupial. The existence of this park is essential for the survival of the species. The Tasmanian devil is threatened with extinction due to a facial cancer which has already killed half of the population. The park is also home to other different animals. Approaching and walking among kangaroos is always a unique moment (if you are not Australian of course)!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park.

The Million Dollar View At Freycinet Waters

We continue our route along the East Coast of Tasmania towards Hobart. After a stay in Coles Bay, we find ourselves in Swansea, on the other side of Great Oyster Bay. The scenery is still beautiful. The village is not large, which allows the area to maintain a peaceful and very pleasant atmosphere. Directly above the water, on the other side of the main road, stands the Freycinet Waters Bed & Breakfast where we stayed for a night. Some rooms have a stunning view of the bay, just as the breakfast room and sunny terrace do. A full English breakfast that will keep you sustained for much of the day is prepared for you (photo). Just like when we stayed at Sheoaks on Freycinet, our hosts are very familiar with the area and will help you to find the perfect activity that suits your needs. Bob and Karen came to Australia from overseas: the place is so relaxing that they have never left!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Freycinet Waters Bed & Breakfast.

Wineglass Bay: One Of The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Freycinet is a huge peninsula on the East Coast of Tasmania, near Coles Bay. It encompasses the entire Freycinet National Park in which there is a wide variety of plants and mammals. The park is also popular for its granite mountains which create beautiful colours adding to the coastlines appeal. The eastern side of the peninsula is also home to Wineglass Bay, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the best vantage points to admire the breathtaking scenery from and get up close and personal to marine life is definitely going on a cruise with Wineglass Bay Cruises. We jumped on board with this very friendly team. The boat departs from Coles Bay and makes its way around the coastline of the peninsula to Wineglass Bay where a delicious snack made up of local products (including fresh oysters) and a glass of sparkling wine is served to you (photo). Upon arriving in the bay, you may even be lucky enough to have the unique experience of encountering a pod of dolphins playfully escort you to your anchor. Rastus, the dog skipper, will certainly let you know when he spots them! On the way back, you might even approach a seal or two leisurely swimming around in the bay. One thing is certain, after several hours of cruising, your eyes will be well and truly satisfied by the magic scenery and unique wildlife!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Wineglass Bay Cruises.

Sheoaks On Freycinet: Bed & Breakfast With A Dream View

The East Coast of Tasmania is superb. Yesterday we talked about Bay of Fires, a must-see area during a stay in Tasmania. Today, we stop in Coles Bay and we may say the same thing so you have been warned. This small town of fewer than 500 people is a little gem for tourists. There are breathtaking landscapes and beaches (one could easily believe to be in Bora Bora in some places). It is also the starting point for many outdoor activities which will be discussed tomorrow. Anecdotally, it is also one of the first cities in the world to have banned plastic shopping bags. If you are looking for a place to sleep, we found the dream B&B: Sheoaks on Freycinet! We do not know where to begin to describe our stay as there are so many highlights:
  • The house: modern design, traditional exterior walls have been replaced by windows. The view of Great Oyster Bay is breathtaking. We love it!
  • The food: breakfast cooked by Margaret, the hostess, is divine. The choice is wide and its ingredients are of exceptional quality. It is also possible to dine on site at night or order lunch. We highly recommend it.
  • The rooms: large and the bed was extremely comfortable. The one we slept in even had its own bathroom.
  • The hosts: extremely friendly. Etiquette and attention to detail are two concepts they combine wonderfully. They are also involved in the community and are an incredible source of information. Ask them about the area to make sure not to miss anything during your stay!
Book with your eyes closed, you can not be disappointed!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Sheoaks on Freycinet.

Bay of Fires: Tahiti Look Alike In Tasmania

We have been talking about it for a few days now on iPhoneography Oz: the northeastern tip of Tasmania is a region not to be missed. We found absolutely beautiful places. North, in Bridport, is a golf course on the edge of the Bass Strait ranked among the finest in the world. Between Scottsdale and St Helens on the East Coast, you can admire Saint Columba Falls, among the highest in Tasmania. Just before reaching St Helens, in Pyengana, stop at the Holy Cow Café and sample locally produced cheeses in this cheese factory. Some of them have even won awards. But the highlight of the area, our favourite part, is Bay of Fires (photo). This huge bay is home to the whitest sand we have seen in Australia so far. The colour of the water is so blue. Our only regret: absolutely beautiful to look at but winter is coming so we were not brave enough to swim!

Bed & Breakfast In Scottsdale - Part. 2

iPhoneography Oz experienced a second bed and breakfast (B&B) after our night at Anabel's of Scottsdale. Willow Lodge is also located in Scottsdale. The village is not large, but the number of B&B's is quite impressive! It is good, that means there is room for everyone. Willow Lodge is a pure B&B. The rooms are all located in the main house. The decor is elegant. You almost feel like you are in an English castle of the last century. The hosts put their whole heart into what they undertake and attach great importance to the comfort of their guests. Wait until breakfast is served to understand! Outside, the gardens are beautiful and the views of the surrounding mountains from the spa are unique. Interior and exterior renovations are underway and they have big plans for this place. It is going to look great. We are really looking forward to seeing the end result. Once again, we recommend it!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Willow Lodge.

The World's Largest Lavender Farm

On the north coast of Tasmania, not far from Scottsdale, nestled between Launceston and the Bass Strait, we found a field of serenity. At Bridestowe Estate they grow lavender. This is even the world's largest privately owned farm dedicated to this plant native to southern France. Once you have parked your vehicle, stop by the shop and cafe. Allow yourself a cup of lavender tea or milkshake: sweet! Visit the distillery where the different oils are produced. But mostly go for a walk in the fields of lavender. It is almost winter in Tasmania. The flowers were harvested before Christmas, but it is still beautiful. If you can, visit just before the harvest. We can just imagine the colors and scents!

Bed & Breakfast In Scottsdale - Part. 1

Tasmania has countless bed and breakfast's (B&B). An additional tourist attraction for travelers. Nothing like staying with a host, rather than in a hotel, to appreciate more of the warmth of the population. It is also a great way to learn more about the area and discover secret places that you would not find in guidebooks. So we decided to do a review of this industry in Tasmania. The first to greet us is Anabel's of Scottsdale, in the town of the same name, halfway between Launceston and the East Coast. It is not really a hotel. It is not really a bed and breakfast. It is not really a motel. Anabel's of Scottsdale combines the advantages of the three categories without the drawbacks. The rooms are separated from the main building where the reception and dining room are. They are large and have all fully equipped kitchens. Due to the season we did not see any flowers, but the garden of the property is classified as a National Trust. Staying at Anabel's of Scottsdale is a pure pleasure. Be sure to chat with Andrea, the owner. In addition to her extreme kindness, she will provide you with all necessary information about activities to do in the area. We recommend it!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Anabel's of Scottsdale.

Playing Golf In Tasmania

We have fallen in love with Tasmania over the past days. The island is quiet all the time, has a temperate climate and its landscapes are simply beautiful. Playing golf is an activity that allows you to enjoy each of these qualities. Tasmania hosts over 80 golf courses, some ranked among the best courses in the world. We practiced our swing on the Country Club Tasmania's driving range, located a few minutes away from Launceston. For your information, it is the only undercover driving range in Northern Tasmania. It is open every day of the week. The complex also hosts an 18 Hole Championship Golf Course, villa suites & hotel, venues for live entertainment, a casino and a few restaurants. We were invited to try the Terrace Restaurant, one of the best of the area. Unfortunately we did not know that it was only open for dinner. So we had lunch at the Links Restaurant, whose variety and quality of a la carte dishes are certainly not up to the standard of Terrace Restaurant's menu. Links Restaurant also offers a buffet that we did not have the chance to try.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Country Club Tasmania.

What To Do In Launceston?

Launceston, in the north of Tasmania, is the starting point of the Tamar Valley wine tour organized by Prestige Leisure Tours. It is also one of the oldest cities in Australia. The third to be exact, after Sydney and Hobart. Most buildings downtown dating from the nineteenth and early twentieth century have been preserved. Lovers of architecture will enjoy. Get the brochure published by Discover Tasmania and dedicated to Launceston's area. You will find a Walks Map which will guide you among the Victorian and Georgian buildings. Cataract Gorge is another tourist attraction in the city (photo). One of the best ways to enjoy it is going on a cruise organized by Tamar River Cruises. The company offers various cruise options. The shortest one takes 50 minutes and also offers a unique perspective of Launceston's Seaport.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Tamar River Cruises.

Visit The Tamar Valley With Prestige Leisure Tours

Yesterday we introduced Tasmania but forgot to mention one important aspect about the island: its vineyards! Tasmania has indeed a wide variety of wines. North of the island, the Tamar Valley is certainly one of the most beautiful areas to discover them. Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir are all varieties grown in this region. It is said that its sparkling wines are equal to Champagne and that some of its wines are among the best of the world. Nothing better than to be tempted by a day of wine tasting with Prestige Leisure Tours. The company has various options to offer. iPhoneography Oz took part in the most popular of them, the Platinum Tamar Valley Wine Tour which includes a wide and delicious selection of local Tasmanian produce at midday. We particularly liked the fact of not depending on a predetermined schedule. Here the taster is king and the tour goes at his own pace. In the morning you are picked up from your Launceston accomodation. In the evening you are dropped back at your place. In between, you are driven around the vineyards where you can taste the wines from the Tamar Valley during seven hours. Yes, life is good!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Prestige Leisure Tours.

Reasons To Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is an Australian island and state located 240 kilometres south-east of the mainland's coasts. It is only slightly smaller than Ireland, and internationally known for its Tasmanian devil, featuring Looney Tunes cartoons from Warner Bros. Pictures (Taz). But it is much more than that. The island is a gem that has a rich, natural and preserved environment part of UNESCO World Heritage List. There are many prejudices, including weather, on this island. It was feared that we would have rain and cold during our visit. But we have had beautiful and mild weather, even if winter is coming. Some landscapes are breathtaking (photo). Some of the Tasmanian beaches are very similar to parts of Polynesia. Tourism plays a major role in the economy of the island. Do not expect to find all-inclusive resorts, and happily! Here you stay in bed and breakfasts or cottages. We had initially planned to spend two weeks in Tasmania. We just extended our stay for an extra week!

Fit n Fast South Yarra

Many sports have been programmed in recent days on iPhoneography Oz. It continues today with a visit to a Fit n Fast gym with whom we have a partnership. We do not know if this is the cheapest gym in Melbourne, but Fit n Fast South Yarra is the cheapest gym in South Yarra. This is what is written at the entrance of the mall where it is located. Fit n Fast has three locations in Melbourne. This one is the closest to the city centre. The gym occupies the second floor of Vogue Plaza. The space is relatively limited, but again, everything is clean and in excellent condition. Whenever possible, avoid peak hours so you do not have to wait, especially in the free weights section.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Fit n Fast.

Introduction To Netball With Melbourne Vixens

Today we discover netball, after having experienced Australian football for the first time yesterday. Netball is a sport for women whose rules are inspired by basketball, minus contacts. We attended a game of the ANZ Championship, the pre-eminent netball league in the world. In Melbourne, Melbourne Vixens plays its home games at Hisense Arena, close to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This arena also recently hosted the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Championships. We will not hide the fact we had preconceived negative ideas about the sport. But we realized that these ideas are not justified if netball has become the main female team sport in Australia and New Zealand! The game is tight. The atmosphere in the stands is electric. Our prejudice has quickly dissipated. We ended up cheering and being stressed as true Vixens fans! For the record the Melbourne Vixens won their match that day against the Queensland Firebirds in the last seconds after being held throughout the game.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Melbourne Vixens.

Introduction To Australian Football With Melbourne FC

The Melbourne FC invited us to attend a game of Australian Football League: a first for iPhoneography Oz. The game took place inside the prestigious Melbourne Cricket Ground, with opposing team the "Saints" of St Kilda FC, ​​another team from Melbourne. A dream place to watch a footy game! The atmosphere recalls the National Rugby League, but the game is even more intense. You can not get bored, it simply never stops! Soccer "starlets" players look like amateurs compared to them. For the record, although Melbourne FC lost that night, we will follow them throughout the season armed with our scarfs and our Demons horns (nickname of the team).

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Melbourne FC.

National Sports Museum

The National Sports Museum in Melbourne stands on the ground floor of the Melbourne Cricket Ground which we talked about yesterday (save $5 on your admission if you buy a ticket for the MCG Tour and the museum). Once again, this is a place to add on your list of things to do in Melbourne, especially for the sports enthusiasts that we are. The National Sports Museum exhibits more than 2,500 objects related to the greatest moments in Australia's sporting history. During the visit we can see that it is such a rich one (especially cricket)! The most striking objects for us are: Cathy Freeman's swift-suit and Ian Thorpe's full body swimsuit (the Australian having won the most Olympic gold medals) they wore at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics, Cadel Evans's yellow bike on which he won the 2011 Tour de France (a first for an Australian) and Jack Brabham's car with which he became Formula One world champion for the third time in 1966 (photo). The icing on the cake: "Game On", an interactive gallery that allows you to come into play and measure yourself against the greatest champions of cricket, Australian football, cycling, etc. We love it! For your information, the museum is large enough to spend two hours (ok, we lost "a little bit" of time in "Game On").

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of National Sports Museum.

Melbourne Cricket Ground: One Of The Largest Stadium In The World

A visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground should be on your things to do list during a stay in Melbourne. Why? Because the "Ground" or "G", as called by the locals, is the largest stadium in Australia and the ninth or tenth largest stadium in the world with a capacity of 100,000 spectators. It is ahead of the Camp Nou in Barcelona (Spain), home of FC Barcelona, and the Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). It also holds the world record for the highest light towers located in a stadium. It is an institution in Melbourne, home of the 1956 Summer Olympics and 2006 Commonwealth Games. But its use does not only serve national and international sport (cricket, football, Australian football, rugby etc.). The greatest singers and bands have performed here: David Bowie, Paul McCartney, U2, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Billy Joel and The Police.
We attended a tour at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Taking part in their guided tour is an unforgettable experience. The view from the top floor of the stands is nothing less than impressive. The guide makes sure you do not miss a thing about the behind the scenes of this architectural gem. Each tour lasts approximately one hour. The Melbourne Cricket Ground also hosts the National Sports Museum which will be discussed tomorrow.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Melbourne Cricket Ground.