Picnic At Hanging Rock

We visited a rather unusual place today: Hanging Rock. This rock formation, created over six million years ago, is located in Victoria, 70 kilometres northwest of Melbourne. This is certainly not as majestic as the Blue Mountains, but with 718 metres above sea level and 105 metres above plain level, the view from the top is still interesting. Without being too technical (after all we are experts in discovering must do places in Australia, not in geology), the rocks were formed from magma. Climbing to the top takes only twenty minutes. It is only once at the summit that you can truly appreciate Hanging Rock and its pinnacles shaped by the elements over time. The site is well known by Australians. This is where a group of schoolgirls mysteriously disappeared in the film Picnic at Hanging Rock, directed in 1975 by Peter Weir (Dead Poets Society). Sofia Coppola was also inspired by the atmosphere of this film for The Virgin Suicides.

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