Running The Sydney Marathon In A School Dress

iPhoneography Oz gives a try to Guest Blogging! We are going to regularly invite a blogger to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, Sarah gets the ball rolling. Just like us, she is about to run the Sydney Marathon (Blackmores Sydney Running Festival) on September 16. Except that she is going to run in a dress!

This is a guest post by Sarah Forsterling of Social 4 Social

Lots of my friends are freaked out about turning 30. That it means they should be well on their way to wherever they had decided they wanted to get to when they were 21. But for some reason that is not me. Not sure if it is because I look young, have ringlets and don't wear much makeup or just because I see 30 as an opportunity to mark where you want to go. You are old enough to have an idea of the sort of person you want to be and the sort of attitude and energy you want to encourage in those around you. So I am pumped about turning 30 in two weeks time.

I love to do lots of things. I love reading, writing and running. I love spending time with my family and friends. And I love being empowered to make the decisions that affect my life. So I thought why not mark my 30 milestone by doing something that encourages all of these things - health, fitness, appreciation for the outdoors and education.

For my birthday I am not asking for presents or champagne. Instead, I am running the Sydney Marathon in a school dress, asking my family to join me and asking my mates to donate $10 to help send girls to school in Sierra Leone.

Not your typical 30th birthday celebration, but one which I will remember and one which I hope encourages me, and those around me, to continue to be positive, motivated and realise you can always have an impact.

I am going to turn 30, being hot, sweaty and healthy. Surrounded by motivated people, taking in some of Australia's best sites and being proud of helping share the joy of education with deserving girls. Hard to beat that.

If you feel like supporting Sarah you can do that over here, she would love it. Or you can find her on twitter or pop over to see her blog.

Photo captured by @sarfos. If you would like to guest post for iPhoneography Oz, send us a message and we will give you the details about how YOU can allow the iOz community to experience a preview of Australian society.

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