Sydney Olympic Stadium Tour

Sydney, Stadium Australia. September 2000. Cathy Freeman, Australian athlete of indigenous origin, lights the Olympic flame. A few days later, in the same stadium and in her famous swift-suit (exposed at the National Sports Museum in Melbourne), she wins a gold medal for the women's 400 metres and becomes the first athlete who lit the Olympic flame to win a gold medal at the same games. These are two of many unforgettable moments of some of the greatest sporting events in Australian history which has occured at ANZ Stadium (formerly known as Stadium Australia). The venue located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park is the only stadium in the world to host five professional sports on a regular basis (rugby, rugby league, Australian football, football and cricket), in addition to large entertainment events. Guided tours of what is known as one of the world's finest and most technologically-advanced stadiums are also organized several times a day. Experiencing the thrill of running through the players' tunnel (with original Sydney 2000 Olympics cheering crowd sound) and standing on a genuine Sydney 2000 medal dais (photo), just like Cathy Freeman did 12 years ago, is quite an exciting experience for sports enthusiasts. A must see during a stay in Sydney!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of ANZ Stadium.

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