Gourmet Experience In The Grampians

We had no idea that the Northern Grampians had a Mediterranean climate and favorable complex sandy soils for olive trees. Whilst driving on the trails of the region, lost in the middle of nowhere, we stumbled upon the largest olive grove that we have ever seen: 28,000 olive trees planted on a property of 1,200 acres. Welcome to Toscana Olives. It is quite impressive especially when you do not expect to come across it! It is one of Australia's oldest groves. It produces extra virgin organic olive oils. The olives are cold pressed onsite immediately after picking. Actually it is possible to attend a tour of the pressing process at this time of year. It is really interesting to witness the behind the scenes of this production. If, like us, you love olive oil, make sure you stop at the farm gate shop for a tasting of their full range of award winning gourmet products. You will fall in love. The foodies that are not close by can also buy online. Our very favourite gourmet experience during our visit to the Grampians!

Win 1 bottle of Premium Organic Olive Oil (375 ml)!

The writers were guests of Toscana Olives.

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4 commentaires à propos de “Gourmet Experience In The Grampians”

  1. Well that's nice, but the moment i got to the bit saying you were "guests", ie you had a freebie, you lost all credibility.

  2. @Anonymous Thanks for your comment. For journalists or bloggers (the media world) it is quite common to be invited to test or experience a product/service in order to review it. For this reason we actually think that mentioning the fact that we were guests in our posts supports our credibility. We have nothing to hide from our readership. We believe that hiding this fact is not fair and not a good practice. We do not want to cheat our readers. If we are invited to experience a place which we do not like we are going to review it as it is. Without lying. This review, as much as all the others on this blog, reflects our true opinion.
    We also think it is a good practice when people who comment on the blog introduce themselves rather than commenting under "Anonymous" ;)

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