No Kidding With Speeding In Australia

By seeing this photo you are certainly asking yourself if we have been caught by the police. Yes! Have we been caught speeding? Yes, in the middle of nowhere (the bugger was driving on the opposite side and had a speed camera in his car)! And now you are certainly asking yourself: what is the cost of a speeding ticket in New South Wales? Expensive! How many driving penalty points for speeding? We have not lost any speeding points on our driving licence at least. Anyway it seems that you do not mess with speed limit and road safety (Australian states and territories use two default speed limits within and outside built-up areas, exceptions apply in the Northern Territory and Western Australia). Control radars, both fixed and mobile, are common and the police have zero tolerance in the case of speeding. Exceeding the speed limit by any amount results in a non negotiable hefty fine. If you want to know how to avoid speeding fines in Australia, read this carefully: 100 km/h means 100 km/h. Stick to the speed limit and do not go over it in any case! We have learned a lesson the hard way. We are going to pay our speeding ticket (our first big expense in Australia, how cute is that?) and we promess we are not going to contribute to speeding statistics anymore.

Have you been caught speeding? Drink driving? Could you recommend any traffic lawyers in Australia? What is your opinion on aussie speeding fines? Let us know in the comments below!

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