Hanging Out In Byron Bay

Today we are wandering around a major tourism destination in Australia: Byron Bay. This small coastal village is located on the scenic North Coast of New South Wales. Brisbane is less than 200 kilometres away north. Even though it attracts many tourists all year long, Byron is renowned for its New Age and ecological way of life. We like its relaxed atmosphere. Many restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels line its colourful main street. The Byron Bay markets are really popular and meant to be some of the best in the region. If you are into handcrafted wares and artworks, it is a must. We prefer to spend our money on locally-grown produce though. Located not far from the Gold Coast, unlike the latter, Byron Bay has preserved its authentic nature and wildlife. Its long white sandy beaches are considered to be among the most beautiful in Australia, if not in the world. It certainly helps to feel good and to attract surfers. Once again, they are everywhere. Actually we are now part of them as we had our first surf lesson here. Among other things to do in Byron Bay, do not miss out on watching passing whales and dolphins. Then make sure you walk or drive to the Cape Byron State Conservation Area where you can admire spectacular views of of the surrounding coast and ocean from the Lighthouse. At this particular location you are on the most easterly point of mainland Australia. And if you are here in March, you might want to attend Byron Bay Bluesfest, Australia's premier blues & roots music festival. On this particular weekend, camping right next door to the Festival seems to be the best option as far as accommodation goes. In other words, Byron Bay is a no-brainer not only because it is a paradise for surfers, but also because we think it is a required checkpoint for travellers or backpackers and a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.

Do you think Byron Bay is the best tourism destination in Australia? Are there any specific spots you would recommend in the area? How would you describe the perfect day in Byron Bay? Let us know in the comments below!

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