Learning To Surf With Surf Schools Of Australia

Today is only our fourth day in Australia and we are ready to surf the ocean waves. Actually we are just about learning to surf with Black Dog Surfing in Byron Bay. We have to admit that we will stand (or try to) on a long blue soft surfboard for beginners (and not on the one in the photo). Still, we are pretty excited! It is difficult to find a better spot for a first surf lesson than the beaches of Byron. Other than this aesthetic consideration it does not really matter where you are because surfing lessons are readily available along Australia's coasts. You can search for a surf school in your area on this Surfing Australia's website. If you are a total beginner, just like us, you might want to choose to spend half a day guided by professional instructors. It will cost you about 50$ for a group lesson (a bit more for a private lesson) and chances are high that you will be able to stand up on your board after this first attempt. Most surf schools guarantee a free lesson if you are not able to. If you are really dying for surfing like a pro (let's say like Kelly Slater), surf lessons might not be enough and you should look for surf camps. No matter what, surfing is a must in Australia even if you are just a regular traveller who has never tried this activity before. Anxious? Just relax and keep surfing

Do you remember your first surfing sensation? How is your surfing going these days? Are there any surf schools you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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