Holiday Inflation In Australia

Are you going to travel to Australia on a working holiday visa? Are you considering migrating to Australia because of its great lifestyle? One thing we have noticed since moving to Australia is the cost of living: living in Australia is not cheap at all! It needs to be taken into consideration if you plan to travel to Australia because you will certainly notice a difference, sometimes big, on your receipts. Have you ever wondered what inflation is? We have found a few retailers in Surfers Paradise who might be able to help you find the answer as they apply a 10% surcharge on public holidays (photo). Is there any consumer protection legislation in Australia? Anyway, grocery prices are usually quite high. It is not that easy to find meals for less than $15. A litre of gas is comparable to the excessive prices charged in France. Rent prices exceed Montreal prices and can easily reach double sometimes. Lonely Planet recommends a minimum daily budget of $100 to travellers who want to enjoy their stay as long as they sleep in backpackers accommodation and use public transportation. Of course it all depends on where you are. You will find a few cost of living calculator tools online. You might want to use them in order to help you make cost of living comparison. Hopefully, your job search will allow you to work and earn money as soon as possible. Current Australia's minimum wage is $15.96 per hour. At least, it seems that the economic crisis has not hit Australia yet!

What do you think? What are your best ways to save money while traveling? Do you have any cost savings ideas in order to travel cheaper? Let us know in the comments below!

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