What To Do In Cairns

We are about to leave Cairns and we have not posted our opinion about the city yet. How come? Well, it is mostly because we are trying to get off the beaten track. Cairns is dedicated to tourism and that is sufficient reason to explain why we have not really liked the city itself (unlike its neighbour Port Douglas). Cairns surrounding areas are really amazing: the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics of Queensland just to name a few. But here is what you can really expect to find or to do in Cairns:
  • Tourists, a lot of tourists (and not necessarily the high-class ones),
  • Hotels, hostels and many more accommodation, to accommodate all these people (Cairns Waterfront Backpackers is to be avoided while Gilligan's seems absolutely brilliant),
  • Restaurants, to feed all these people (and not necessarily those in which food is good but where one can relax in a good atmosphere sometimes),
  • Shops, to make all these people spend their money (and not necessarily those in which products are of good quality),
  • Bars and nightclubs, to entertain them (it has not worked for us),
  • Tour operators in abundance, to embark all these people on Great Barrier Reef tours and scuba diving trips,
  • No swimming beach, but an artificial lagoon located on the Esplanade (photo).

In other words, Cairns is a little bit like Disneyland. By comparison, Western Australia's coastline is just as magnificent (if not more) with a more authentic atmosphere, in Coral Bay for example.

What do you think? Have you been disappointed by Cairns? What are your recommendations on things to see or do in Cairns? Which Cairns attractions need to be avoided? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Couldn't let this one pass without comment! Agree about lots of touristy stuff - but DON'T agree that's all there is!! Forgive me for linking to my own blog - but here's a 7 day Cairns suggested guide from someone who loathes the tourist stuff, loves the WA coast, & thinks most cities are too touristy: http://rednomadoz.blogspot.com/2012/03/7-days-in-cairns.html

  2. @Red Nomad Oz thanks for your comment. No worries for linking to your own blog and thanks for sharing your article. But as far as we understand, you spend only a day in Cairns itself in your article ;) We tried to express that things to see and do are not in Cairns but around Cairns.

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