Hot Air Balloon Flight Above Cairns Area

We have been visiting Cairns area on a boat, gondola, train, bus... we are still missing a scenic flight experience. A Hot Air coach picks us up early in the morning in front of our downtown accommodation (Cairns Waterfront Backpackers, which is to be avoided at all costs!). After a one hour transfer, we are dropped in a field where two or three hot air balloons are waiting for us. Wow! It feels like being part of a balloon festival! For our first flight, we are going to fly high above the Atherton Tablelands spending thirty minutes in our balloon. Longer rides are also available. When we take off, then later when floating in the air, the sensation is unique. Everything seems so peaceful down there. The day is just rising. The landscape is picturesque. We spot a few kangaroos and wallabies bursting out the bushes. It is a bit cool, but when the long flame used to lift the balloon is burning, it gets hot really quickly. At the end of the ride, we gently land in another field. If you have the chance to be part of the last flight of the day, you even get a little bonus fun in the basket just before packing-up. Back in town, it is time for a well-deserved breakfast. This is really a fun experience! Hot Air also operates on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane and Port Douglas.

Part of this activity was paid by Hot Air.

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