The Legend Of Red Dog

We are in Western Australia's northwest. Back in the 70's the region was inhabited by various isolated mining communities. During this era, Red Dog, an iconic Australian Kelpie, spent his time wandering the land. His nickname has been attributed to the red dirt of the Pilbara. Over time, his travels made him a legend among the local population. Legend has it that after his master's death, he embarked on an endless search of him through the Australian outback. Along the way, through his unconditional companionship he united even the hardest of hearts in the local communties. The legend is perpetuated through poems and stories about the adventures of Red Dog. Recently an eponymous film, fast becoming one of the most successful Australian movies of all time, brought the legend of Red Dog to the big screen. It is a feel-good movie that will touch the hearts of everyone (watch the trailer). A memorial (photo) was erected by the many "friends" he made during his travels in honour of his contribution to the morale of the community. It is located at the entrance of Dampier, a city where he often returned.
Ironically, Red Dog could have been one of the last films that Loïc worked on the promotion of before starting the iPhoneography Oz adventure.

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