Cape Range National Park

Cape Range National Park is the terrestrial part of the Ningaloo Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The submerged part of the North West Cape has a diverse and abundant marine life with colourful underwater scenery, whereas the park is formed by rugged and arid land. Red limestone cliffs, incised by deep gorges, are impressive. In the eastern part of the park, a road located twenty kilometres south of Exmouth follows the razor-backed ridges and provides breathtaking views of the Charles Knife Canyons. One could easily believe they were in the Grand Canyon. There are several lookouts along the way that provide fantastic photo opportunities. Photographers and nature lovers may have found their paradise here. The western part of the park, meanwhile, gradually flattens out as it approaches the coast, giving way to the pristine white sand beaches of the Ningaloo Reef. Both the wildlife and the flora are very rich. That said, a visit in late winter is preferable to be sure to see the animals and wildflowers.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Department of Environment and Conservation (Western Australia).

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