Angourie National Surfing Reserve

Our road trip along the Waterfall Way was great (except for that). But at this time of year, we do not know if you can hear the ocean calling as much as we do but we have felt the need to get back closer to the coast. That is how we ended up in Angourie, quite by chance as travellers usually stop in the bustling holiday resort that Yamba is. Are you reading carefully? Make sure you drive all the way to Angourie (come on, there are only 6 kilometres between Yamba and Angourie)! This small town of less than 200 inhabitants is located between Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour. Its beach (photo) is most probably one of the best Australian surfing beaches. Moreover, it hosts the first National Surfing Reserve in New South Wales. It means that it represents one of the unique places in the world where surfers have travelled from near and far just to experience the quality of the wave and the beauty of the natural environment. We did not surf in Angourie and we have not experienced all the surf spots in Australia so we can not really pretend it is one of the best places to surf. But, our eyes saw this truly beautiful sandy beach. And for sure, this might be one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia!

What do you think? Have you ever been to Angourie or to any other National Surfing Reserve? Where is the best place to surf in Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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