Is There Beef In Australian Hamburger Patties?

As expected, hamburgers are one of the most popular foods in Australia. We could not wait to try them as Australia is renowned for its beef. Actually a few days ago, once we moved away from the coast, the fields were almost exclusive to cattle herds in Country New South Wales. But we have a rant! What is wrong with your hamburger patties guys? How come is it so difficult to find real beef burgers served in restaurants rather than a mixture of different meats (or something else) with a questionable taste? Where is the expected juicy beef patty? We have a few easy ground beef recipes for you to taste the difference. Seriously, even frozen hamburger patties from the supermarket taste better. Just so you understand what we are talking about, in comparison McDonald's would easily get its Michelin stars. However, off the beaten track it is possible to find excellent homemade beef burgers at low cost. Once you find this kind of place, make sure you order a "hamburger with the lot". This is a real Aussie institution which usually consists of a hamburger patty in a bun served with cheese, tomato, beetroot, onions, lettuce, bacon, egg… and pineapple. Quite a simple and tasty hamburger recipe, one should have thought about that! You got that Hog's Breath Café (and friends)?

What do you think? Have you noticed this awful taste in some hamburger patties served in Australia? Which restaurant off the beaten track would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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