Are Milkshakes The Best Post Beach Treats?

Every week, iPhoneography Oz invites one of its Instagram followers to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, meet @picturepostie. She posted this photo of post beach treats at Sebastian's Food & Wine in Melbourne area. Actually tell us why you want to try these milkshakes in the comments below and you may win 2 free milkshakes at Sebastian's Food & Wine!

iPhoneography Oz: Who are you in less than 140 characters?
picturepostie: An Aus iPhone photo printing app! Edit & order phone/Instagram/Facebook pics for quality photo & canvas prints delivered to your door. App free in iTunes!

iOz: A milkshake as a treat after a trip to a popular beach on Port Phillip Bay. Knowing that it's winter for most of our readers in the Northern Hemisphere, aren't you ashamed?
p: Actually isn't winter the best time for milkshakes? Keeps them nice and cold!

iOz: Australia has (a lot of) milkshakes and thickshakes. What's the difference?
p: Thickshakes have double ice cream to make them thicker! You need a thicker straw too!

iOz: If you were stuck in Australia with an unlimited budget and a week in front of you, what would you do?
p: Woah, just 1 week, what a stressful thought, there's so many awesome places to see! I've never actually been to Ayers Rock or the Kakadu! I know, what kind of Aussie am I? I'd visit these places and take lots of photos on my iPhone, so I could print them later through Picture Postie!

iOz: What was one of the best travel experiences you've ever had in Australia?
p: Jervis Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales, just a 3 hours drive south from Sydney. The sand is the whitest in Australia apparently and we saw dolphins!

iOz: What's your favourite photo on the blog?
p: Surfing in Agnes Water from about 5 weeks ago.

iOz: What do you like to take pictures of the most on Instagram?
p: Things you find on your daily travels, those little gems that put a smile on your face!

iOz: What will you be doing for the next hour?
p: Catching the train home from work! I wish I was more exciting!

iOz: We're switching roles, ask us anything!
p: Can you please tell everyone about our new Australian iPhone App?! People seriously LOVE it so we just want to be able to let everyone know! Even people in the Northern Hemisphere might have Australian friends to tell!
iOz: We'd like to try the app first. Why not exploring a partner arrangement between Picture Postie and iPhoneography Oz?

iOz: A last word?
p: Download Picture Postie, you'll love it!

Photo captured by @picturepostie. To be featured, follow @iPhoneographyOz and tag your own iPhone photos with #iOz. Any image taken in Australia and tagged with #iOz is eligible.

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