Mysterious Sunset Over The Derwent River

Every Friday, iPhoneography Oz invites one of its Instagram followers to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, meet the talented @mattglastonbury. He took this amazing photo of a mysterious sunset near Hobart in Tasmania.

iPhoneography Oz: Who are you in less than 140 characters?
mattglastonbury: Creative, mobile photographer, web designer, good person. Care to other people, loves to help. Enjoy learning new subjects and love animals (in the words of my gorgeous wife @miaglastonbury, she's still learning English).

iOz: Your photo shows a mysterious sunset over the River Derwent near Hobart. Is it the best sunset view in Tasmania?
m: No... so far, the best view for sunsets would have to be Carlisle Beach, which is aptly named Sunset Beach by the locals, just outside of Dunalley (area devastated by bushfires in January), about an hour drive from Hobart.

iOz: If you could recommend only one of the following options would it be a day cruise along the River Derwent or a 2-hour Sydney Harbour cruise?
m: It would have to be the Sydney Harbour, since the Derwent is too short for a day cruise! But, if they were the same distance, I would probably choose more natural surroundings over buildings.

iOz: We've been told that he's having a lot of fun around Australia: where's Wally?
m: Wally is everywhere you go, you just need to see your surroundings differently to see him!

iOz: What was one of the best travel experiences you've ever had in Australia?
m: Most of the best travel experiences I've had, have been in Tassie. That's why we came to live in Hobart. The best would have to be staying in a real canvas Teepee with a central fire down at Cockle Creek, which is the most southern point of Australia.

iOz: What's your favourite photo on the blog?
m: Becoming a Mum in Australia seems to be the best one out of the first few pages, I couldn't find all the photos.

iOz: What kind of photos can our readers see on @mattglastonbury's Instagram feed?
m: A couple of continuing themes like sunsets, close-ups of seagulls or ducks in funny positions, liquid/water, beach-life, and random stuff that's interesting to me.

iOz: Vegemite or Nutella?
m: Vegemite for sure, and pass me the Cashew Nut Spread as a base... Nutella? Oh man!

iOz: We're switching roles, ask us anything!
m: Would you like me to design a website for you?
iOz: Since you asked, of course! Any ideas to improve iPhoneography Oz? We are also working on our next project and might need a web designer too...

iOz: A last word?
m: Mobile Photography evens the playing-field, forces you to be more creative, and allows for an always-on photography experience... that's why I love it.

Photo captured by @mattglastonbury. To be featured, follow @iPhoneographyOz and tag your own iPhone photos with #iOz. Any image taken in Australia and tagged with #iOz is eligible.

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