The Lightning Strikes That Lit South Australia

It could have been the photo of the year (with something different than an iPhone to capture this moment). On the night of November 5, 2012, more than 173,000 lightning strikes had hit South Australia, with electricity cut in nearly 90,000 homes! Obviously, it was one of the more extensive and violent lightning storms recorded in the area. Leaving Coober Pedy in the morning, it was really hot and sunny. On the way to Port Augusta, we could see the storm far away on the horizon. By late afternoon, arriving at Lake Hart, the temperature suddenly dropped by fifteen degrees. The sky darkened to become completely black as night. We were stuck, alone, in the midst of an incredible natural phenomenon. In addition to the heavy rain that fell at that time, these thousands lightning strikes lit up the sky every second. It lasted half an hour, an hour maybe. We have never witnessed such a show before. Unforgettable!

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