Somewhat Surreal On A Salt Lake

The Australian Outback is full of surprises, some of which we have presented to you recently in Coober Pedy and William Creek. Today we discover a new natural wonder. Towards the Eyre Peninsula, we walked on a salt lake. Yes, on! Lake Hart is located along the highway between Coober Pedy and Port Augusta. Like most of the salt lakes of the region, it is dry, covered with a crust of salt of ten centimeters thick. Of course the most famous, also the largest in Australia, is Lake Eyre. It is not necessarily easy to access though (only by plane or 4WD), and might be out of reach for some budgets. However if you have the opportunity to experience the beauty of a salt lake like Lake Hart, you must stop. You will see how walking on such a landscape is somewhat surreal. If the sky is clear and the sun is shining, the experience becomes truly spectacular. It is a fantastic backdrop for photos.

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