Road Conditions In Australia

Well, it is no big secret, but Australia is a vast country. As soon as one takes to the road, especially when traveling inland, the distances are huge and Australia becomes a dreamland for a road trip. Hazardous road conditions are common though so always be cautious. If the main roads linking the capitals and major cities are in excellent condition, most of the other roads are still unsealed and in a random condition. Thus in remote areas one can find roads ranging from asphalt to gravel and tracks. Many are feasible with a conventional vehicle, but in the more remote areas, the use of a 4WD is highly recommended and even mandatory in some places. It is important to check with local authorities before hitting the road. Of all the dangers of frequent road surface changes, the more annoying for passengers and more challenging for your car is probably found on corrugated roads. To give you an idea, imagine driving on corrugated iron for hundreds of kilometres in the middle of the outback. Unfortunately, it is difficult to prevent this from happening. However, it can be temporary solved by regrading the road (photo). Safe travels!

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