Crocs In The City

Lately in a few Northern Territory parks, we have seen many signs indicating the presence of crocodiles. Fortunately, our last encounter with one of these reptiles, which was in March, occurred at Wild Life Zoo in Sydney. Being in Darwin, we did not want to miss a visit to Crocosaurus Cove in the heart of the city. This centre dedicated to these fascinating creatures is above all a rare opportunity to get really close to them. The Big Croc Feed is a not to be missed attraction. Considering that Crocosaurus Cove is home to some of the world's largest crocodiles in captivity, it is quite an awesome show! If you feel like it (and you should do it no matter what), you can also fish for energetic juvenile crocodiles. The Cage of Death, Australia's only crocodile dive experience, is accessible at an extra fee (we did not experience it, but no doubt it must be as impressive as diving among Great White Sharks). Photo opportunities guaranteed!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Crocosaurus Cove.

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