The Dolphins Of Monkey Mia

Two Indigenous Australians fishermen took the habit of throwing fish to the dolphins on their way back to the shore. Later, in the 60s, a visitor started to feed the dolphins from the beach, strengthening a little more the connection between dolphins and humans. Nowadays, the dolphins seem tame and swim to shore to interact with humans on a daily basis in Monkey Mia (30 kilometres North East of Denham). This daily ritual, which it is possible to attend and take part in, gives Monkey Mia its worldwide fame. As these bottlenose dolphins are wild, the time of their visit varies. However, they usually visit the shore two to three times per day between 7:30 and 12:00. There is a small fee to enter the reserve, but the activity itself is free. This is the only place in Australia where this phenomenon happens and it is with no doubt one of the most popular experiences in Shark Bay!

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