Snorkeling in Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a marine paradise on the Ningaloo Coast. With its coral reefs and underwater species that roam the seabed a few hundred metres away from the coast, it is the ideal place to practice snorkeling. Rather than go blindly, you can join a tour organized by local tour operators such as Coral Bay Ecotours whose Marine Ecotour is an activity not to be missed (and we have not missed it!). Slip into your wetsuit, mask and snorkel and throw yourself into the water once your guides give you the green light. The coral reef is amazing. Approach and see hundreds of fish and turtles that evolve in their natural environment, it is something really magical. But this is nothing compared to the experience that awaits you later on this tour when you come to swim with the largest ray on Earth: the manta ray. Unlike whale sharks, manta rays are present on the reef all year round. Beyond this unique experience, this adventure lasts for a period of five to six hours and also includes the loan of all equipment, a hearty snack and refreshments. You will be blown away!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Coral Bay Ecotours.

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