A Pink Salt Lake

We love going off the beaten track during our road trip around Australia. You should consider it as well during your travels. Tourist guides are ok but they do not tell you everything. And between you and us, we have seen the Sydney Opera House at great length. Luckily, iPhoneography Oz is here for you to discover places unknown to the general public. Do you remember the colorful cliffs of Red Banks on Kangaroo Island? Well after the Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, here is another coloured lake that has caught our attention. Hutt Lagoon is a salt lake that lies north of the Pinnacles, near the coast between Geraldton and Kalbarri, more than 500 kilometers north of Perth. Its pink colour is striking. It is mainly due to the significant presence in the water of... carotene. Which is reassuring! We almost thought it was due to pollution after coming across a gate, on our way there, signed with the logo of a major international chemical group.

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