What To Do When Breaking Down On The Nullarbor?

Before crossing the Nullarbor Plain, you inevitably ask yourself the following questions:
  • Will we have enough fuel?
  • Will we have enough water?
  • Will we have enough food?
  • Is there any places to stay along the way?
  • And what if we break down?

Just as we thought we had made it across unscathed, we were faced the last question. Explanations? More than 200 kilometers before reaching Norseman, the town at the western end of the plain, we got a flat. Never doing things by half, within minutes of putting the spare on... Bam... another flat. Luckily we were close to a roadhouse. What is this? They are your best friends when crossing the Nullarbor Plain, the magical answer to all the questions above. They are petrol stations which often offer catering services. So neither you or your vehicle will run out of fuel. Some of them provide accommodation to spend the night with comfort that varies from very poor to very good. However, as unlikely as it may seem, there is not necessarily a garage. If you break down and it is serious, often towing and repair costs are more expensive than abandoning your vehicle on the side of the road and buying a used one in Perth or Adelaide. If your problem is minor, you have access to, thanks to the previous category, one of the world's largest free auto parts self-service. And if you do not find what you are looking for, there is always the solution to get help from road trains which will drop at the roadhouse what you need and that you have previously purchased by phone in the "closest" town. This is what we have tested. Expect random delivery delays.

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