Perth, That's Gold!

The Perth Mint is a historic building in central Perth. Founded at the end of the nineteenth century to produce the money under the authority of the Royal Mint, it is the oldest institution of its kind in Australia. During the twentieth century, it produced much of the Australian currency. The Perth Mint, now open to the public, mainly produces coins for collectors and gold bullion today. A permanent exhibition allows you to get closer to the precious metal. It includes medals of the 2000 Sydney Olympics (produced by the The Perth Mint), the second largest gold nugget in the world (25.5 kg), the world's largest coin (1 tonne of pure gold) as well as the world's largest collection of gold bars (more than 900 gold bars, including 130 on display). The tour includes an amazing gold pouring performance in which pure gold is heated, melted and turned into a solid gold bar. You have certainly never been so close to so many millions of dollars!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of The Perth Mint.

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