Fremantle Is So Special

Fremantle is located at the mouth of the Swan River. This bustling port city is a rich cultural destination only 30 minutes away from Perth. Although geographically close, the two cities are different in many ways. "Freo", as called by Australians, is a fishing port that appeals to casual artists, hippies and other eccentric characters. You could almost compare it to the suburb of Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Fremantle has one of Western Australia's richest cultural and historical heritage, which has not prevented its many cafes, bars and restaurants to attract a young and dynamic crowd. Recently we have discovered what appears to be the best Indian restaurant in Australia. On weekends, the streets, parks and terraces located on the quays are crowded. Whether for sunbathing or enjoying a local beer and a seafood plate, tourists and locals love to spend time in its relaxed atmosphere. During your stay, do not forget to add a visit to the Fremantle Prison to your schedule!

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