Luxury Accommodation In The Murray River Region

The Murray River region is a charming destination within two hours drive from Adelaide. A cruise along the river seems to be the ideal local activity. Unfortunately during our stay the weather was a bit dismal. We therefore opted for another charming...and dry destination. Riverview Rise Retreats is a unique style of accommodation overlooking the river from the heights of Mannum. Choosing to stay here is like a dream come true and nothing less! Each of the retreats, three in total, are secluded from each other and extremely private. They are beautifully furnished in oppulent style. The attention to detail creates pure comfort. The view is fantastic. A luxurious getaway ideal for relaxation, romance and rejuvination. Staying at Riverview Rise Retreats is the guarantee to leave the stress of everyday life behind. It definitely deserves its five stars!

The writers were guests of Riverview Rise Retreats.

Photo: Riverview Rise Retreats

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  1. Thanks for the kind words!
    Being different is risky business but when you strike a connection with those who appreciate what you do, the rewards are tenfold greater than any monetary profit.

  2. @Michael "Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it" ~ Buddha

    A little mantra that we like to live by ;)

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