Natural Phenomenon Canvas

Still on the Sunshine Coast. The weather has not been good for the last few days, which does not help to explore the surrounding area and take photos. So we decided to go for a walk along Warana Beach at the end of the day, in search of some inspiration. The brightness was pretty spectacular from the moment we walked outside. The clouds, very low, moved with impressive speed. We quickly suspected that a canvas was waiting for us along the ocean. In fact, that is how we captured this beautiful photo of nature at its best. We have noticed that the scenery and the weather can change from minute to minute in Australia. If you are into taking beautiful pics of nature, never underestimate to power of a storm because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Do you think it is our most beautiful photo of nature so far? What is your best iPhone photography shot of an amazing natural phenomenon? Let us know in the comments below!

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