Green Tree Frog Caught In The Headlights

Finally there are many photo opportunities (other than wanting to capture the rain at any cost) when the weather is bad on the Sunshine Coast. "Bad" is in fact a euphemism today (water on the roads is growing as fast as the clouds moved yesterday). The good news is that it is all about frogs when it rains. We have spotted many of these small frogs in Queensland, which are actually rather cute amphibians (they look like Australian green tree frogs but we are unsure if they really are). The one shown in the picture seemed to wait for us on the roadside. We did not have time to ask the regular questions such as what do frogs eat? Where do frogs live? How long do frogs live? It literally leapt across the road as soon as the picture had been taken and ... splaaat! R.I.P. Crazy Frog. Not sure if there is a "Save The Frogs" organization around (What? Isn't it considered as fauna of Australia? Actually there is a national Australian frogs network), but just to let you know, a police car killed this one.

Have you heard about the most poisonous frogs? Did you know that poisonous frogs often have very bright colour patterns generally made up of reds, oranges, yellows and blues? Have you met one of them before? Let us know in the comments below!

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