Foggy Morning On The Gold Coast

Every Friday, iPhoneography Oz invites one of our Instagram followers to cover a topic about Australian society. Today, meet @sweetocean_. She took this beautiful photo of a foggy morning on the Gold Coast.

iPhoneography Oz: Who are you in less than 140 characters?
sweetocean_: (145 characters, couldn't cut more!!!) I'm a lover of the ocean, passionate about our mother earth. I'm a dreamer, a free spirit. I'm a walker, a diver, a writer, a reader, a photographer. I'm a crazy mother and wife.

iOz: Your photo shows a foggy morning at Nobbys Beach (located south of Surfers Paradise). Isn't Queensland "where Australia shines"?
s: Queensland shines no matter fog, rain or wind! Today we had a 20 minutes of torrential rain; a combination of blue sky with grey clouds where mixing afterwards with a mega strong sunset light and a huge rainbow showed up, wide open, from one extreme to the other extreme of our 42 kilometres of beach, on top of the ocean... That's how Queensland shines!

iOz: It actually looks pretty spectacular. What's your favourite Gold Coast beach?
s: I would say Currumbin.

iOz: If you were stuck in Australia with an unlimited budget and a week in front of you, what would you do?
s: Without hesitation, I'll go to Lord Howe Island!

iOz: What was one of the best travel experiences you've ever had in Australia?
s: It was absolutely magical to see The Twelve Apostles at the Great Ocean Road, from above, in a tiny helicopter.

iOz: What's your favourite photo on the blog?
s: One of your photos at Coral Bay.... looks like such a dreamy place for snorkeling!

iOz: What kind of photos can our readers see on @sweetocean_'s Instagram feed?
s: Gold Coast beach culture.

iOz: Vegemite or Nutella?
s: 100% Nutella

iOz: We're switching roles, ask us anything!
s: How have you being able to travel for a year in Australia and around 20 other countries!?
Are you being sponsored or did you win the lotto? If you are being sponsored how did you make it happened?
iOz: It's all about saving money and spending it wisely. Of course you can't travel for free but it's possible to travel without spending a fortune. Do you know what? Travelling long term is most probably cheaper than living a "normal" settled life. Actually since you're asking, we might write an article and tell you exactly how we spent our budget.

iOz: A last word?
s: Love.

Photo captured by @sweetocean_. To be featured, follow @iPhoneographyOz and tag your own iPhone photos with #iOz. Any image taken in Australia and tagged with #iOz is eligible.

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