Dangerous Jellyfish In Australia

The Great Barrier Reef and Tropical North Queensland beaches are beautiful. One can hardly resist going for a swim, especially when it is hot and humid. However, the experience would be much more pleasant if we did not have to be constantly on our guard. But this is for good reason! The Coral Sea is home to many types of jellyfish including the dangerous box jellyfish (or stinger), which is among the world's most venomous creatures. Its stings are extremely painful and often deadly to humans. The problem with this killer jellyfish (not exclusive to Australia) is that we can hardly detect it because it is almost transparent. But all is not lost if you still want to dive or snorkel the reef. You need to know that fatalities are not so common and, in the case of stings, treatments are available (starting by applying generous amounts of vinegar made ​​available to the public on many beaches). There are also stinger suits sold in stores or provided by tour operators. Admittedly, this is far from sexy, but we are not competing at the election of Miss Universe. On some beaches, like in Port Douglas, swimming enclosure operate during jellyfish season in the summer months. Finally, let us give you some friendly advice, always take the time to ask a local or better yet a lifeguard before venturing into the unknown where jellyfish live.

Have you made any dangerous wildlife encounters in Australia? What is the most venomous animal you came accross while travelling? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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