Australian WAGS

In Australia, WAGS might not have exactly the same meaning as what most of you might think. If for you, WAGS means Wives and Girlfriends (the way it is used by the media to describe the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, who are generally very pretty girls), then you are about to be enlightened with Wednesday Afternoon Go Sailing. And no, you will not see any Australian cricket WAGS on iPhoneography Oz... contrary to this Daily Telegraph gallery!). So every Wednesday afternoon (weather permitting), Australian Yacht Clubs' members volunteer a little bit of their time and their yacht to take guests out sailing. The purpose? Socializing and having a good time. We experienced this activity in Port Douglas with the local Yacht Club's members. It is a very cheap way to cruise along Australia coastline. Depending on your skipper, the cruise might even turn into a free sailing lesson. In theory, it does not cost you anything. But in fact, when you arrive at the Yacht Club, it is highly recommended to make yourself comfortable and have a drink at the bar. You need to write down your name on a form as well to let the skippers know about your intention of sailing. Please note that once registered, there is no guarantee that you will be chosen to join a sailboat. In the end, the skippers choose their own "crew", and as part of the WAGS culture they do not like free loaders! Having a beer or two are a few well spent dollars that are going to boost your fund of good will (and your eligibility).

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