Gourmet Food And Luxury Accommodation In Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is located at the bottom end of the Eyre Peninsula, the western region of South Australia. As its name suggests, it is a coastal town whose economy is based mainly on the fishing industry. It is also considered to be the capital of Australian seafood. With its tourism industry going through a recent boom it is an up and coming travel destination oozing with appeal. We were lucky enough to stay in an exclusive B&B not yet open to the public. Jordan on Boston is primarily a luxury villa in the hills of Port Lincoln surrounded by a sumptuous garden. Inside it is a veritable palace elegantly decorated with antiques and a wonderful collection of eclectic artworks. Among the many rooms on the ground floor you can expect to find an indoor pool, sauna and a piano bar! Visitors will have the opportunity to stay in one of the three suites each offering breathtaking views of Boston Bay, one of the world's largest protected natural harbours. But the true gem at Jordan on Boston is its owner and accomplished chef Suzi McKay. In the coming months all guests will have the privilege of tasting Suzi's culinary delights. She is nothing short of amazing in the kitchen. So be prepared for an indulgent experience that you will never forget! The best restaurant in Port Lincoln might not necessarily be at the top of the list on Trip Advisor!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Jordan on Boston.

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One thought on “Gourmet Food And Luxury Accommodation In Port Lincoln”

  1. Lovely to read of your current adventure Suzi! Sounds amazing! Read a review of HHome and it was very poor! Gone downhill without you two!
    The Jordan sounds amazing!
    Cheers to you both
    Jan Forrest

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