Unique Stopover In The Desert

In the desert, at no surprise to anyone, it is a vastness of nothing. So, we are somewhere in South Australia in the middle of nowhere, far from Adelaide, on the famous Oodnadatta Track. All of the Outback is occupied by the void ... All? No! A small town of indomitable Australians maintain their mark within the nothingness. With a permanent population estimated at between three and ten people, William Creek is the smallest "city" of Australia. Ironically, it is located on Anna Creek Station, the world's biggest working cattle station: 23,777 sq km (larger than Israel!). If we are talking about William Creek it is because you must go there once in your lifetime to visit the William Creek Hotel. Dating from 1887, this bar, hotel, camping, restaurant, gas station, made ​​of timber and corrugated iron is a legend. Inside it is like a giant visitor's book decorated with business cards, words scrawled on bank notes, caps and other random pieces of memorabilia left by its visitors. The atmosphere is very warm. The restaurant serves hearty food of the Outback. Unique experience guaranteed!
William Creek has its own airport, departure point for scenic flights over Lake Eyre. To follow our trip in the desert, visit our facebook page where more photos await you.

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of William Creek Hotel.

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