Somewhere In Paradise On Kangaroo Island

LifeTime Private Retreats is a dream location! A place, almost secret, hidden on the north coast of Kangaroo Island. A place engulfed in the best that Australian nature has to offer. An secluded place where you can dominate an out of sight ocean. LifeTime Private Retreats comprise of three luxury homes (Sky, Stone, Cliff) located in Middle River. Each of them have an identity of their own. iPhoneography Oz had the pleasure of staying in The Cliff House, a gorgeous villa perched on a cliff overlooking Snelling Beach. The house has two traditional bedrooms and a third located in a tower with panoramic windows directly overlooking the sea. Inside, the decor is modern and very tasteful. The huge picture window in the living room offers incredible views in addition filling the house with natural light at all times. Outside, the cliff-edge jacuzzi is the icing on the cake. Urban life has never seemed so insignificant. Happiness on a silver platter!

Just so you can see the magic of this retreat for yourself, we make one exception to iPhoneography Oz's concept by offering you this video:

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of LifeTime Private Retreats.

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