Adelaide: Like A Good Glass Of Wine

Adelaide is so charming that you almost forget that it is a capital, that of South Australia in this case. The city is not very big, just a few more than 1 million inhabitants. However its parks and gardens, wide avenues and numerous restaurants, are all elements that offer its citizens a relaxed atmosphere. The city centre is just a few kilometres away from the beach and an hour's drive from the vineyards of McLaren Vale and Barossa. Adelaide is the hub of South Australia's booming wine industry. It hosts the National Wine Centre in a modern building with impressive architecture. As well as being used extensively as a conference centre, it also hosts the Wine Discovery Journey, an interactive exhibition where the public can learn more about the history and winemaking. This is an excellent starting point before visiting the vineyards of the area. But the real treasure of the centre, visible from the lobby, is located in the basement: the cellar. Housing up to 38,000 bottles, it is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere! Different class programs and tastings are also offered on site.

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