Winter Wine & Chocolate Tasting In Coonawarra

Coonawarra, an hour's drive north of Mount Gambier, is a little piece of paradise. The kind of paradise that foodies of the world love. Coonawarra has long been recognized as one of the best wine regions of Australia. With its mild climate and the unique composition of its soil, premium red wines with intense fruit character have been produced there for over a century. Cabernet Sauvignon, the local speciality, along with Shiraz represent 80% of the total regional production. Along the way, we stopped for a tasting at Zema Estate which is currently hosting its annual Winter Wine & Chocolate tasting. The marriage of these two indulgences is surprisingly complimentary. Enhancing the wine's already fine taste, it is a pleasure for the palate. We particularly enjoyed it. The property is reknowned for producing delicious red wines. Greg Clayfield, its winemaker, won the 1998 IWSC International Winemaker of the Year.
The "little" Coonawarra (less than 10% of the South Australia's wine production) might not be present in every single guidebooks, but we strongly recommend it to you!

Win 1 bottle of 2008 'Cluny' (Cabernet Merlot) or 2008 Shiraz from Zema Estate Wines!

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