Dinner In Currency Creek

Currency Creek is located about twenty minutes northeast of Middleton. This small town in the Fleurieu Peninsula is famous for having been proposed as a potential site to house the state capital of South Australia, a role which is played today by Adelaide. Nowadays, the region is known for its vineyards. Currency Creek Winery is perhaps the most famous of them. On site, in addition to wine-tasting, you can dine in the restaurant or stay in one of the six luxurious villas of the property. The a la carte menu offers an appetizing selection of local produces. On Friday night, the chef offers the "T" Night which consists of a three-course meal including two glasses of wine from their vineyard for just over $30. This seems to be a very popular choice and hopefully you will get the chance to try it for yourself.

The writers were guests of Currency Creek Winery.

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