Visit Melbourne

We do not know where to begin to tell you why you should visit Melbourne. This is certainly one of the best cities in the world. Located in the southeast of Australia, bordering the vast Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is the capital of the State of Victoria. It is often referred to the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. Melbourne is home of the Australian Open (tennis), the Australian Grand Prix (Formula 1) and the Melbourne Cup (horse race), three major events in their respective categories in the international scene. It is also recognized for its cultural scene, including museums, theaters and street art.
Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. It has over four million people, over one-third were born overseas. This multiculturalism is felt especially in the cuisine. The city has indeed countless multi-ethnic restaurants.
Architecture is no exception either. Along the Yarra River, the Central Business District (Melbourne CBD) is an interesting mix of historic buildings of Victorian era and modern skyscrapers.
The main drawback could be Melbourne climate. Melbourne is indeed the coldest Australian capital city in winter, although it remains within the limit of endurance (no snow).
Melbourne is a must see in Australia! We will focus on several major points of interest in the coming days.

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