Kosciuszko, The Rooftop Of Australia

Mount Kosciuszko (far left in photo), with a height of 2,228 metres above sea level, is the highest point of Australia. It is located in the Snowy Mountains southwest of Canberra. The summit is not particularly difficult to climb, if you are willing to walk a bit. From the ski resort of Thredbo, you can take the chairlift which deposits hikers at six kilometers from the summit. There is also the option to start the hike from the bottom of the slopes. At iPhoneography Oz we are proud to say we chose the second option, a hike of 22 kilometres round trip for a total of six hours (including breaks). The first part to the top of the chairlift is steep and rather difficult. However the last six kilometres are easier. The trail to the summit is a raised mesh walkway. This is not very aesthetic and natural but it prevents erosion and protects the native vegetation, much of which is reported to be rare. Anyway you are advised not to backtrack from the Mount Kosciuszko Lookout located two kilometers after the top of the chairlift. The feeling of self accomplishment, once the peak is reached, is worth to walk the last four kilometres. During our visit, an icy wind blew across the ridges. Cover yourself!

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