A Bush Life

Many Australians live in the bush by choice, or because in distant lands they have no other choice. In all cases, living close to nature is quite fascinating. Australians are generally very environmentally friendly and when they live in the bush, they live in harmony with the elements. iPhoneography Oz was fortunate to spend several days in a house entrenched on the heights of Tanja State Forest not far from Bega, New South Wales. The nearest neighbour is ten kilometres away. There is no supply of town water, the only source is rainwater. Electricity and hot water are powered entirely by solar energy. A woodfire heats the house with wood collected from the land. Food scraps are turned into compost chicken feed, which in return provide eggs for breakfast. And in the evening, the property turns into a real sanctuary where kangaroos and parrots do not hesitate to approach the house in search of food. One might think that certain comforts need to be sacrificed to enjoy these aspects of nature, but this is not the case. The experience re-connects you to human values ​​that urban life sometimes takes away. It is relaxing for the body, mind and soul!

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