Tiny Horizon Of The Sunshine Coast

One last shot of the Sunshine Coast before beginning an indefinite road trip across Australia. We promise you much more variety in the weeks and months to come (although we think the chances are high that there will still be some pictures at the beach). The months of January and February (summer in Australia) are probably not the best time to enjoy the climate of the Sunshine Coast as the there are many gray and rainy days. But tomorrow, all that will be behind us. Heading south to Brisbane!

What do you think? Have you planned a road trip around Australia? Do you use a trip planner? What is the best east coast road trip? Do you have cheap road trips ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

This photo is part of the Weekend Hashtag Project, a series featuring designated themes & hashtags chosen every week by Instagram’s Community Team. The theme of the week is: #tinyhorizon.

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