Peter Lik Noosa Gallery

We discovered the work of Peter Lik by accident two years ago. It was in his photography gallery in Miami Beach. Over the years the self-taught Australian photographer has become one of the uncontested masters of landscape photography. The nature through his eyes is breathtaking. We came across, again by mere chance, one of his galleries (which are more like nature photography museums you can visit for free than shops where to buy posters and prints) on the Sunshine Coast. He now has over a dozen worldwide. Smaller than the one of Miami, Noosa Gallery is nevertheless a highly recommended checkpoint for photography lovers (no matter what, his fine art and luxury photography may well have been a source of inspiration for iPhoneography Oz!). For those who unfortunately do not have the chance to travel to admire his landscape pictures, visit his photography website online, you will not be disappointed!

Do you know Peter Lik's photography portfolio? According to you, who are the best landscape photographers? Do you have other nature photographers to recommend? Which photography galleries are worth a visit in Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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