Is It The Best Australian Meat Pie?

The local cuisine is one of our favourite discoveries when we travel. We love eating. Big ray of sunshine in our stomach when we got the chance to taste the authentic Aussie Beefy's meat pies. This Australian national dish is topped with minced meat and gravy. Sometimes it also contains potato, onions, mushrooms or cheese. This is very similar to pies that are found in many English-speaking countries such as Canada (Quebec) and its famous tourtière.

"Bigger, Better, Beefier Meat Pies ... Guaranteed Or It's Free!"

Beefy's sets the tone. The brand from the Sunshine Coast has won many gold medals for its pies in recent years. Go have a look at one of its four stores while visiting the area. You will not be disappointed!

What do you think about meat pies? Would you say meat pie is the best Aussie food? What's your favourite meat pie? Would you share your best homemade meat pie pastry recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

iPhoneography Oz was a guest of Beefy's.

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