The Taste Of A First Vegemite

Forget the Nutella, what you spread on your toast in Australia is Vegemite. That is real Aussie food that has been making Happy Little Vegemites all around Australia since 1923! But what is Vegemite made of? Well, if you are expecting dark chocolate as part of Vegemite ingredients, be prepared for a rather huge disappointment. Vegemite is a yeast extract spread which apparently tastes like Marmite. Although its texture and colour are actually similar to dark chocolate fudge, its taste is a bit… different. Whether you grow up eating it then you may love it or you just tried it for the first time and found it absolutely disgusting and so incredibly salty. That said who is up for a Vegemite sandwich?

Have you tried Vegemite? What is so good about Vegemite? Vegemite on toast or Vegemite sandwich, what is your best Vegemite recipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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