Celebrating Australia "BBQ" Day

Australia Day (which is different to Anzac Day) is one of the interesting facts about Australia. It is the official national day of Australia, celebrated every year on January 26, commemorating the arrival of the first British colonial fleet in Sydney in 1788. If you have never seen the flag of Australia before (really?), well keep your eyes wide open, there is a slight chance you might see it everywhere on that day. You may see the Australian Aboriginal flag as well, as Australia Day is also known as Invasion Day for a lot of Indigenous Australians. Although Australian news promote thousands of activities and events celebrating this part of Australia's history, Australia Day seems to just be an Australian public holiday for a large part of the population. We have noticed that celebrations are not as significant as those of Bastille Day (French National Day) or Quebec's National Holiday for example. We did not see any fireworks on the Sunshine Coast but a true barbecue festival instead (a lot of specials on meat!). It seems that having a BBQ Party is part of the Australian culture to celebrate the nation.

What do you think about Australia Day? Do you celebrate Australia Day? How? Why do you celebrate Australia Day? Would you say attending an Australia Day event is an important thing to do in Australia? Let us know in the comments below!

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